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Thursday May 25, 2017
Facebook's Secret Rules and Guidelines Exposed
Social media giant Facebook's secret rules and guidelines for its users have been revealed after an investigation that will fuel the global debate about the role and ethics of the company.

Sorry, Snapchat, Instagram Now Has Fun Face Filters, Too
It was only a matter of time. Instagram, Facebook's most powerful weapon in its battle to destroy social media app Snapchat, is rolling out another popular Snapchat-like feature: Face filters.

Some of Google's New Features Seem ... Familiar
Many new bells and whistles were just announced by tech giant Google, but several of these "new" features and services are already offered by rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Arms: How Nintendo Is Reinventing the Motion Game
When Nintendo's new fighting game for the Nintendo Switch, Arms, was announced, there were concerns we'd be subjected to the aimless waggling that Boxing, and other Wii games, fell victim to.

Google Unveils Latest Tech Tricks as Computers Get Smarter
CEO Sundar Pichai and other top executives brought Google's audacious ambition into sharper focus at an annual conference attended by 7,000 developers who design apps for its digital services.

Amazon's Streaming Software Powers New Smart TVs
E-commerce and technology giant Amazon's streaming TV software will appear on a new line of smart TVs designed to blend streaming TV services and over-the-air channels, but not cable packages.

HTC Unveils the U11 Squeeze-Sensing Smartphone
Just unveiled, the U11 flagship smartphone from HTC comes with an unusual feature dubbed "Edge Sense" that offers the ability to control certain functions by squeezing the sides of the device.

Nurture, Not Nature, Explains Internet Trolling
New research says Internet trolls -- online commenters who appear to be motivated by a desire to incite others -- are the product of nurture, not nature. In other words, they're made, not born.

Will Snapchat's New Features Make It More Useful for Marketers?
Ahead of its first earnings call, Snap has unveiled changes to its Snapchat image- and video-sharing app that could help it boost appeal to marketers and better compete with rivals, including Instagram.



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