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Friday October 28, 2016
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Looks an Awful Lot Like Samung's Ill-Fated Note 7
Xiaomi, a Chinese brand who is starting to compete with the big names of the mobile phone industry just launched its brand new MiNote 2, and it looks awfully similar to the ill fated Samsung Note 7.

Alexa Voice Assistant Arrives on Amazon's Fire Tablets
Amazon's Fire tablets are getting the Alexa voice assistant. The previously announced feature is meant to complement what users get on other Alexa devices, such as the Echo speaker.

What Volkswagen Owners Can Expect from the Diesel Settlement
A federal judge has approved a settlement between Volkswagen AG and about 475,000 owners of diesel cars that don't meet U.S. emissions standards. Here are answers to questions about the deal.

Razer Blade Pro Packs Desktop-Level Specs, Advanced Cooling System
Featuring a 17.3-inch IGZO display with a 4K resolution, Razer's Razer Blade Pro gaming laptop was designed to give you a desktop-level computing experience when it comes to gaming.

Farewell to the Apple Car, A Dream That Was Never Going To Happen
It was just over a year and a half ago that the consumer tech and auto aficionado communities became jointly engulfed in a tizzy over a single rumor: Apple was going into the car business.

Snapchat and Facebook Have a New Rival in Their Sights: TV
Facebook and Snapchat have overtaken the home pages of Yahoo and Google as the front door to the Internet for hundreds of millions of people. Now, the two rivals are pursuing a bigger challenge.

How Much Screen Time Is OK for Kids? Pediatricians Weigh In
If you have kids or teens at home, chances are you have a complicated relationship with screens. The American Academy of Pediatrics is now providing guidance to parents grappling with screen issues.

App Helps Save Seattle Cardiac Patient
If your heart is going to stop, right outside a hospital is not a bad place for it. And if 41 people within a 330-yard radius have a cellphone app alerting them to your distress, so much the better.

China's LeEco Sets Out To Shake Up U.S. Consumer Tech Market
Most U.S. consumers haven't heard of LeEco, but the Chinese company wants to become a household name with smartphones and flat-screen TVs that undercut the prices of industry stalwarts.



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