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Tuesday October 17, 2017
Holiday Toy Shopping: Four Tips for Early Shoppers
Want the holiday season's hottest toys? Or maybe you want a retro game. Whatever the goal, with some holiday toys already in stores, shoppers may want to start planning their strategy.

Fearing Amazon, Target and Other Retailers Team with Google
Google has announced it will offer voice-activated remote shopping with Target, using its new AI home speakers. Google has also teamed with Walmart, hoping to challenge Amazon's mammoth market share.

Face-Reading AI Will Detect Politics and IQ, Expert Says
According to researchers, it won't be long before a computer can accurately guess whether people are liberal or conservative in an instant. All that will be needed are photos of their faces.

OnePlus Phones Collecting Private Data without Permission
Using the company's Android-based OxygenOS, OnePlus smartphones are leaking a considerable amount of users' activity data without their permission, according to a U.K.-based software engineer.

Galaxy S8: Samsung Users Complain About Missing Texts
Users of Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphones across the United States, Australasia and Europe have taken to various forums and Reddit to complain about SMS messages that seemingly fail to arrive.

Old iPhone Slowing Down? Data Suggests It's All in Your Head
It's a perennial question asked in offices, bars, shops and across the internet every year in the run up to the launch of a new iPhone: does Apple slow down older iPhones to make you buy new ones.

Google Paying Publishers To Generate Content for Stamp
Tech giant Google is working on its own version of a multimedia format pioneered by Snap, and it wants publishers to help. So it's paying some sites working on its new "Stamp" project.

Augmented Reality Apps To Use on Your iPhone or iPad
The first generation of AR apps is available in Apple's App Store, allowing millions of iPhone and iPad users to view three-dimensional computer-generated graphics on top of a user's real-world view.

Getting Smarter: Google Wants Its Devices To Be Your Backup Brain
Tech giant Google's upgrades to its Pixel smartphones and other gadgets are its latest steps toward turning its digital services into your backup brain, packed with artificial intelligence tech.


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